Course Overview

Pay Per Click is the advanced internet advertising model mainly used for directing the traffic towards the website. PPC lets the advertisers to pay a fee each time when their Ads are clicked by the people. These are considered as the best way for buying more visits for the site instead of the organic technique.

Are you looking for a better way to easily level your skills in the PPC? Learn Webtechnology is the top-ranked institute offering the best PPC Training Course and Certification. PPC Training lets you to easily transform yourself into a well-skilled and industry-ready paid marketing professional. Learn Webtechnology or Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy is located in Delhi, Noida & NCR region.

PPC Training program has been created as interactive learning and allows the participants to gain in-depth knowledge of marketing methods. Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategy has given training sessions for more than 10000 hours.

Whether you are looking for getting the advanced digital marketing techniques for adding more points for your career then PPC Training offered by the Learn Webtechnology is a perfect option. Google Ads Course allows the candidate to easily apply for the best PPC Marketing jobs in many number of MNC.

In the modern-day, Search Engine Marketing attained the top position in bringing more users to a website organically. Based on our recent report stating, Millions of users across the world have been searching for information and many other attributes in Google as well as many other search platforms. Especially the Google Ads allows people to easily stay connected with the potential clients for the respective business.

Google Ads becomes one of the most intricate tools with more than 200 configurations. These are also included with better targeting methods suitable for the modern business to easily find more customers. Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategy (Learn Webtechnology) is the #1 Training institute suitable for students who are passionate in build a career in PPC marketing.

Our PPC course is helpful for you to easily increase your potential in a digital marketing career. Now you have a better option to easily scale new heights and grab the top position in the career. PPC Training lets you to easily build your knowledge from scratch. PPC Training lets to attain comprehensive guidance for entrepreneurs, working professionals, fresh graduates, small and medium business owners.

PPC Training lets the participant to be aware of Paid marketing trends in the modern-day. Learn how to set up unique and powerful campaigns with Google AdWords and many other attributes with learning from the best PPC Course training in Noida.

PPC Introduction:

PPC Training Module lets you to understand the basics in Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click. It also gives you a better idea of How Businesses can benefit from the PPC?

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • What is Paid Advertising?
  • What is Paid Advertising?
  • Introduction to Google Ad

Search And Display Advertisement:

The Module lets you to study various Ads that are used for promoting a product or services. Module also lets the participant to easily gain knowledge about the configuration used along with the various Advertisements.

  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Universal Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Text Ads

Bid Strategy:

The module is designed for writing effective Ads and building campaigns based on the specific keyword. Learn more about the new and trendy strategies used in the modern-day.

  • Searching Business Specific Keywords
  • Writing Ad and Building campaigns
  • Effective Strategy selection and Execution
  • Negative Keywords, Broad match

Bidding And Attribution:

Learn many different configurations for easily enhancing the Bidding process with the PPC. The module also lets you to easily understand the different methods with conversion ratios.

  • Audience and Placements
  • Sale and Discount Offers
  • Conversion and Tracking
  • Running Live Campaigns

Benefits Of PPC Course At Learn Webtechnology:

Smart Pay-Per-Click Marketing lets to easily drive better traffic for the website. Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategy or Learn Webtechnology is the leading in offering the best Google Ads Course. Now you have a better option for easily learning set up campaigns with Google AdWords, set realistic budgets, crafting compelling ads, and many more. Google Ads Course lets you to easily improve your professional career and knowledge. PPC Training gives you a better

  • Know about using the New Google Ads interface
  • Analyze ads performance
  • Industry-leading experts give you special highlights for live campaigns
  • Understanding Paid Marketing trends for Google Ads
  • Understanding PPC metrics and efficient usage for deriving better results
  • Gives candidates opportunities for easily building a career in digital marketing
  • Easier for tracking conversion
  • Building eye-catching Campaigns across the niche-specific industry
  • Google Ads generate traffic
  • Keeps the user experience with guiding factors for better conversion
  • Advertisements and effective usage
  • Helps to build Businesses
  • Grow online reputation

PPC Course Fee And Duration:

PPC Training Course offered by the Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategy (Learn Webtechnology) is set for the duration of 1.5 months. The Course consists of 60 hours of learning (Practical). Candidates can get convenient Online and Offline classes based on their preference. Working professionals could also easily opt for the best online learning Google Ads Course.

Students to Teachers Ratio allow them to easily focus on every candidate. Fees at the Learn Webtechnology are quite affordable for the quality of education with giving the systematic platform for building the career.

Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategy (Learn Webtechnology) is the leading in bringing you the finest range of PPC Training course.

  • Best Training course to teach candidates with Pay Per Click management
  • Ultimate learning curve
  • In-depth teaching for more than 200 basic configurations
  • Practical learning methodology
  • Expertise in PPC learning
  • Successful Conversion Ratio
  • Fast access to the location in Delhi & NCR region
  • Better ROI (Return On Investment) for clients
  • Learn new Audience targeting methodologies
  • 100% placements recorded
  • Live projects with running campaigns
  • Grow your career in digital marketing

Placement And Assistance:

Most of the MNCs across the world have been looking for the best experience and certified PPC experts for increasing their future investment. PPC is helpful for easily creating a better inroad for the online marketing attributes. Studying the PPC training program at the Learn Webtechnology especially offers the

  • Better learning methodology
  • Get Theoretical material
  • Interview preparation
  • Organize placements for candidates

Students can also get Theoretical materials, eBooks, paperback material, PDF, and many others for preparing for the interview. Our team is well connected with the various businesses across the world for providing you the ultimate placement option upon the completion of the course. Our team will work on providing you the better

  • Apply for the top MNC positions
  • Get hired as industry leaders
  • Interview preparations with the personal development
  • Get effective resumes writing
  • Placements in small, medium, and large businesses
  • Acquire entry-level positions

Career Benefits

  • Boost career growth as an IT professional
  • Enhance the quality of IT service
  • Freshers can be hired as process coordinators
  • Opportunities in higher management level of the IT sector
  • In-depth insights into ITIL
  • Better remuneration


  • None

Who Should Take Up?

  • BCA, MCA, BBA, BA, B.Tech for all stream and Graduate/Undergraduate
  • business consult
  • IT audit managers
  • IT architects and planners
  • IT consultants
  • IT security managers
  • Service designers
  • ITSM professionals


PPC course is one of the best courses nowadays for those who want to enhance their skills and financial growth to the next level. By completing the PPC course, you can able to boost your career as a professional IT expert. You can get a better opportunity to improve the quality of the IT service to the next level. Freshers can find a simple way to be hired as process coordinators. When you have completed this course in this institute, sure you will have a lot of changes in higher management level. Apart from that, better remuneration and in-depth insights are the highlights of PPC.

In order to increase future investment, various MNCs across the world are searching for certified and experienced PPC experts. PPC can be effectively useful for creating better inroads for the most advanced online marketing attributes. Completing the course at this institute mainly offers you theoretical material, better learning methodology, placement for students and interview preparation. You can all kinds of materials like paperback, eBooks, PDF and many more notes to perform well in the interview. You can become industry leaders; get entry-level positions, effective resume writing, interview preparation, and a lot more personal development sessions will be conducted.

The highly effective PPC training course offered by this reputed institute has been set for a duration of around 1.5 months. This professional course mainly consists of around 60 hours of learning. Candidates available here can get convenient offline and online classes based on their needs and requirement in a most effective manner. Working experts can also easily go with this most advanced PPC course. Students to the teacher’s ratio mainly allow them to perfectly concentrate on every student. Fees at this institute are completely affordable for high quality education through the systematic platform to build their career to the next level.

By completing the PPC course, your knowledge will be improved a lot. Apart from that, you can gain various benefits. You can analyze ads performance and have a clear idea about using the Google ads interface. You can easily able to understand the paid marketing trends involved in the Google ads. The industry leading professionals can give you extraordinary highlights for the live campaigns. Candidates can get better opportunities to build their careers to the next level. It is very simple for tracking various conversions. It can be very much helpful for you to build business effectively. PPC is best for advertisements and digital marketing.

In order to improve the skills in PPC, now students can join this institute in Noida without any hesitation. They are the top-ranked and reputed institute for offering the best PPC certification and training course. PPC course can transform you into the industry leading and well skilled paid marketing experts. This course has been created as interactive learning and lets the participants gain complete knowledge of marketing methods. The professional institute is giving a top notch training session for students for around 10,000 hours. Through this course, students can easily apply for the best MNC jobs now.